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  • Brazen' sex predator who offered £10 to victim after he assaulted her is jailed


      In what is largely seen as a shocking and brazen sexual assault, CCTV footage comes in handy. The culprit was caught on camera as he traveled London buses and sought victims for his heinous crime.

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  • BLC


      Backlight compensation (BLC) is a feature on security cameras that compensates for strong background lighting, which would normally drown out features in the foreground, and makes details in the foreground visible.

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  • Backup Your CCTV Camera Footage (Part II)


    After understanding the various kinds of backup in our previous article (Part I),it is important to know the various ways available to you for backing up your data. There are many alternatives to backup your CCTV camera footage, the most popular of which are discussed below. 1. Online Backup. An online backup is also known as cloud backup. This service allows us to store our data at an offsite location. The data is uploaded using the internet to a remote computer system with a host. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Web Services are some of the examples of popular online backup service providers. Usually, you have the

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  • Bengaluru: Women molested, assaulted in Vijaynagar, CCTV footage creates uproar


      CCTV footage plays key role in two separate incidents of crimes against women in Bangaluru.Bengaluru Police are examining the video to find out if the same persons were involved in both the crimes. Read more:

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  • Different types of cameras


      CCTV : Closed circuit television utilizes video security cameras to capture and transmit video feeds to a central location on a specific number of monitors. HD CCTV : Also known as HD-SDI, High Definition Closed Circuit Television is an industry standard for transmitting uncompressed HD video (up to 1080p) over coaxial cable which allows for IP quality video over an analog infrastructure. Dome Camera : A type of camera that is known for its dome-like shape and one of the most commonly used security Camera types. Their sleek, inconspicuous profile makes dome cameras an ideal camera for discrete video surve

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  • Backup Your CCTV Camera Footage (Part I)


      In a world of technology, data is the most valuable resource. One of such meta datas is your CCTV security surveillance recordings. You can protect this data with backup. There are three basic types of backups; full, incremental and differential. Full backup A full backup is a full copy of the entire data set. Full backups provide the best protection; however, due to its time consuming nature and large storage requirement, most organizations use this type of backup on a periodic basis. This leaves the organization susceptible to data loss between two backups. Incremental backup Incremental backups were intro

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  • Mumbai Crime: Two shoot man dead; murder caught on CCTV


      Mumbai – Police studying CCTV footage that shows two unknown bike-borne assailants, who shot a 40-year-old fruit seller dead at his home in Mira Village. Read more:

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  • Megapixel


      Megapixel : 1,000,000 pixels and also the measure of the amount of display elements in digital display or camera. Megapixel and multi-megapixel security cameras capture video footage at a significantly higher resolution than their analog counterparts, i.e. a 1.3 megapixel IP camera captures 1,300,000 pixels in a single frame (1280×1024), 2 megapixel captures 2,000,000 pixels in a single frame (1920×1080) etc.

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  • 5 Benefits of Body Cameras


      1. Better capability and quality of evidence collection. Body worn cameras are especially useful in accurately collecting and preserving the evidence at the accidents or crime scenes. Further, they help to settle any bias and resolve any conflicting accounts from victims, criminals and the witnesses. Since body worn cameras capture everything as investigating officers of law interrogate and investigate numerous people, often repeating details in courts. 2. Source of evidence. In cases when victims or witnesses are not forthcoming or unwilling to testify in courts, footage from body worn camer

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  • 15 Air India Staffers' Statements Recorded, CCTV Footage Obtained: Police


      New Delhi – CCTV footage and videos that captured the alleged assault onboard airlines helped in investigations. The incident led to widespread condemnation and outrage with the purported video clip of the episode going viral on social media. Read more:

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