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  • DVR & NVR


      DVR : Digital video recorders capture and store video feeds produced by analog security cameras onto a hard drive. DVRs come in two types, standalone units similar to your cable box and PC-based towers that are specifically built computers with a DVR card to convert the video signal into data to be stored on a hard drive. NVR : Network video recorders capture and store video feeds produced by network IP cameras. Most NVRs come with software which allows immense versatility through a variety of features that can be used to automate aspects of your security operations. NVRs come in standalone units and PC based v

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  • 10 Important features to check before buying a Video Door Phone


      With increase in crime rates, everyone is vigilant about the safety and security of their homes and their loved ones. Video door phones empower your loved ones to protect themselves and your home from intruders. But how do you know which video door phone to purchase? Here’s a list of important features you must check before buying a video door phone: 1. Touch screens – These make for a very user friendly interface and are stylish too. They are easy to use and allow for effortless operating. 2. Do not disturb – Want to sleep in or do work without any disturbances? This feature a

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  • Pune university software to map tell-all signs of criminals on road


        Pune – Center for Intelligent Systems, a department of Savitribai Phule Pune University, is developing a software that tracks mischievous behavior of pedestrians and drivers at junctions through surveillance cameras and issuing alerts. Principal investigator Aditya Abhyankar said,Based on the videos recovered from CCTV footage, we have tailored the software to capture particular gestures of people involved in, say crimes like robberies. Read more:

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  • Multimode Fiber


      An optical fiber with a larger core (typically 50 or 62.5 microns) than singlemode fiber. The core is made of plastic or glass fibers. It is the most commonly used fiber for cabling short distances as used in LANs. The name multimode comes from the fact that light rays travel down multiple reflective paths (modes) within the fiber. This allows light to enter the core at different angles, making it easier to connect to broader light sources such as LEDs (light emitting diodes). Fiber optic interfaces and multimode fiber-based transmission systems are less expensive than those based on singlemode fiber. However, the

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  • Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part II)


      We’re back with the second installment of this two part series on video surveillance in hospitals. If you haven’t read the previous one, click here. If you’ve already read the first part, continue reading. 9. Keep an eye on for drugs. All sorts of drugs and chemicals are used in a hospital. Many of these drugs can be misused for substance abuse, whereas others are very expensive or lethal and could mean huge losses to the hospital in terms of finance and image. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on the pharmacy and drug stores in a hospital, right from ordering to unloadi

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  • Engineer foils robbery bid in Greater Noida


      Greater Noida – CCTV cameras installed in the showroom recorded a brazen attempt to rob a Lenovo showroom in full day light. The incident involved three masked men, two of which were carrying pistols, entering the showroom at 12:21pm. Read more:

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  • Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I)


      In this two part series, we are going to discuss the importance of video surveillance in various aspects of our health care systems like hospitals. Wouldn’t you like to know how safe you are even your at your lowest and most vulnerable state? Why should hospitals rethink their security systems and appoint superior security surveillance systems and CCTVs in hospital premises? Read on to find out. 1. Better security and safety a. Well positioned and placed CCTV cameras help prevent crimes and unauthorized entry. b. It enables the medical staff to maintain a watch on controlled

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  • Caught on CCTV, police finally catch Bihar trader’s killer


      Bihar – With support from CCTV footage of the shop, the police arrested the prime accused in the sensational killing of a local businessman, Mohan Sah, aged 65, a businessman who dealt in automobile accessories having political connections. Read more:

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  • Why Its good to lower the resolution of your IP security cameras


      Lowering the resolution of your IP security camera may have many benefits for you. Converting your IP security camera to a lesser resolution than its maximum potential could make a lot of sense to you in quite a number of scenarios. Consider that lowering the resolution would mean the camera would have less work to do when encoding a video. It will also mean that the data streaming will require a lower bandwidth since it'll be smaller in size. Further, your NVR will be better able to manage the encoding. You'll enjoy more available storage time without changing, modifying or upgrading the storage device. specially

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  • 7 Reasons to buy PTZ CCTV Cameras


         PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) CCTV cameras provide many benefits over the standard stationary security surveillance cameras. From field of view to flexibility of rotation, we give you 7 of reasons to why PTZ CCTV cameras should be on your security team. 1. Field of view A well placed PTZ camera can provide a full 360 degree coverage area. Based on the viewing angle, both pan and tilt can be pre-programmed to cover large areas with fewer number of PTZ cameras. This allows you to install CCTV cameras in locations like parking lots that would otherwise require larger number of cameras. This helps y

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