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  • Cops bust bike-theft gang, arrest 1


    In an incredible use of technology, CCTV footage shared on Whatsapp platforms helped Port division to bust a gang of bike thieves. Consequently, several two-wheelers were recovered. This story tells the importance and apt use of technology in CCTV cameras. "We have about a thousand CCTV cameras at important junctions of the city. About 1500 more have recently been installed to keep an eye on isolated areas," said Joint CP (crim) Vishal Garg. Credits:

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  • AGC


      Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a type of technique that compensates the video signal when it falls below or exceeds a specific value.

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  • Caught on camera: Thieves try to break display case in jewellery store in Malaysia, fail


    CCTV footage of this Malaysian jewelry store has gone viral. Thieves wearing helmets are seen attempting to break the display case with everything from hammers to a series of hilarious items. CCTV cameras capture surveillance footage of yet another foiled attempt to bulgary.  Credits:

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  • Motion Detection


    Type of recording method where video is only recorded when motion is detected within the camera’s field of view. Helps to significantly reduce the amount of video stored and prolong the life of your video recorder.

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  • Effectively using CCTV to fight crime


    CCTV cameras have widely been used globally to fight crime, but today, rising technology advancements has led to the debate of using artificial intelligence and data analytics to ensure effective security surveillance and prevention of crime coming to the fore front as opposed to using CCTv cameras to solve crimes in a passive way.   Credits:

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  • CMOS


    Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a type of image sensor chip used in security cameras that is known to produce less signal loss and degradation in video quality from intense light sources than other image sensors.

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  • How to Troubleshoot a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera


    PTZ stands for Pan Tilt Zoom. The ability to move the camera lens in the horizontal and vertical axes makes this CCTV camera a favourite among users. However, despite the advantage of having a camera that is not limited to one specific location and position, its effectiveness depends on its proper installation and consequent troubleshooting in the event of any functioning problems. Here are some of the common solutions to troubleshoot a PTZ CCTV camera. 1. Check the power supply.  PTZ CCTV cameras come in various models and forms. It is important to use the power supply that comes with the particular camera being i

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  • Traffic Automation Centre to monitor traffic violations in Mangaluru


    Mangaluru - Embracing technology with open arms, Mangaluru city police inaugurated their Traffic Automation Centre. This centre is set up and designed along the lines of Bengaluru’s Traffic Management Centre. Through a constant monitoring, the city police  will keep tabs on any traffic violations with the help of CCTV cameras that have been installed in 30 different locations across the city. From sending a notice imposing a penalty on violators to impounding driving licenses of repeat offenders, this move to stay abreast of technology is set to ensure seamless regulation of traffic across the city. Credits:h

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  • F-Number


    Also known as the focal ratio, this is the ratio of the focal length of a camera lens to the diameter of the iris aperture that indicates the amount of light being allowed to enter the camera. A brighter image indicates a smaller F-number.

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  • Normal Hard Drive Vs. Surveillance Hard Drive


    To the layman, all hard drives are the same, but this assumption is wrong. A normal hard drive is not usually best suited to fulfill the needs of a surveillance system, and thus they can not be interchangeably used without incurring certain limitations.  For example; a normal hard drive is designed to operate  for a period of say 8 hours daily for a 5 or 6 day week, thus it has low to moderate performance capabilities. This makes them vulnerable to a low average time usage and time lapse between failures.  On the other hand, a surveillance hard drive has greater system compatibility and is designed to op

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