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  • CCTV Surveillance Systems Key Support To Demonetization


    Banks are one of the most secure institutions in the world. The public entrusts them with their money, and expects them to keep it safe. One of the first thoughts in anyone’s mind when security and safety are discussed is CCTV surveillance. CCTV surveillance is inevitably a default expectation of any security protocol in a bank. When Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a notification in October advising banks to cover the banking hall or area and counters under CCTV surveillance, and record to facilitate identification of people abetting circulation of counterfeit currency, no one could have guessed that this was

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  • Advik Aura HD Security Systems That Pave The Way As Leaders In Surveillance Solutions


    The Aura series of camera and DVRs is a boon to the community that wants to protect itself and the neighborhood with secure systems to record and replay videos that have info about the neighborhood. In times today, with poverty hitting new levels, criminal offences are on the rise. Using security systems is the only way out of worries of safety to possessions of personal or official records and assets. ADVIK contributes highly to the society by establishing products like the AURA HD 4 in 1 cameras that cater to the requirements of the home and office. The 4 in 1 Aura HD camera caters to TVI, CVI, AHD and Analog req

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  • A New Release At The IFSEC 2016: 128 Channel NVR Model AD7128V


    This is probably the highest capacity of (Network Video Recorder) NVR made in the industry of cctvs. It connects at selective resolution, 128 channels at a time. Record up to 128 DI resolution cameras, or 64 IP 720p cameras or better still, 32 2MP cameras, at a time. With 16 hot swap bays, access to internal hard drive is easy. The recorder functions like a real server. It offers multi-RAID conditions , gives the user all benefits of Group Camera recordings. It ensures each of 128 cameras is recording, you can bunch of recorder tasks to specific hard drive groups. A 2 HDMI video output connectivity is maintained that al

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  • 2MP HD Cube Camera


    The 2 MP HD Cube camera is a versatile solution as it is the perfect camera for monitoring low light surrounding in the home or office and is most suitable for areas that are I complete darkness. It is a complete system with built-in CPU and web server transmitting high quality video image of security as well as surveillance. It offers intuitive connectivity to a web based server and easily integrates with your wired or wireless network. It also offers remote monitoring and serves as a completely cost effective solution to the home and office needs or requirements. It has flexible connectivity which allows to select a

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  • Advik's New 360 Degree Security Camera Fish Eye With Support Of 5 Modes Panoramic Split View


      With high coverage area and, low labour and installation costs, this new 360 degree fish eye camera is an all-rounder security addition to your safety assets. Motion detection and anti-fog features ensure you can enjoy your sleep while it works deligently on your safety. 20 metres IR distance, 1/2.5" progressive scan CMOS, 6X digital zoom, and 128GB storage make this a must have for any security team. For More Details click here      

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  • All new Advik Aura Series with High speed long distance, real transmission


    Now capture the far off images with great picture quality as the new Aura HD cameras by Advik have Long Distance Realtime Transmission and many more features like infrared, AWB , AGC, BLC , DWDR, OSD and support all formats like CVI, AHD, TVI, ANALOG. For More Details click here 

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  • Security features to make your security system the best in town.


    Add the nest security system in town by installing Advik Aura HD series camera that packs a punch with latest features of four security cameras like Long Distance Realtime Transmission and many more features like infrared, AWB , AGC, BLC , DWDR, OSD and support all formats like CVI, AHD, TVI, ANALOG. For More Details click here 

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  • The New Body Camera from ADVIK


    This is a small package with explosive content! The New Body cameras from ADVIK is launching in IFSEC. The camera is packed with unbeatable features pronouncing advantages of many sorts. The New Body camera from ADVIK comes with 2 MP resolution for pictures and video streaming. Supporting 3G/4G in GSM allows a vistas of abilities to the camera. The GPS IR range is 10 meters. Being waterproof the camera can be used even during rainy seasons or underwater. Most suitable for Police, Army, Navy, Air Force, Banks and the likes of places. The Police uses force and has got intensely scrutinized perhaps for more now than before

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  • Latest technology packed in one


    Choosing between the best options is always a tough task. Advik brings you a solution with the very new Aura HD series cameras where you get the latest features of four cameras into one, so no more choosing which option to go for! For More Details click here

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  • Security features like no other


    Aura HD by Advik brings the best features, where you get the benefit of four cameras in one. With features like CVI, TVI, AHD, Analog Format support, High Speed, Long Distance Real-time Transmission, Long distance IR and much more, your security system will be top of the line. For More Details click here

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