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  • ADVIKs Revolutionary Aura HD-5 in 1 DVR


    If you are upgrading from an analog CCTV camera system to the HD Security camera system what better than to change to Advik ’s Aura HD 5 in 1 DVR with advanced security features. The AURA HD 5 in 1 DVR consists of security features of Motion recording Real time recording and  High definition video The Aura HD 5 in DVR is compatible with all outdoor based security cameras as well as the wireless cameras for the security system. You can access the live streaming system videos from the DVR through a wide range of internet based smartphones as well as computers. Each of these

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  • The Advik HD 4 in 1 in a New Avatar


    Offering a compelling alternative to the traditional surveillance options of analog is the HD Analog technology that Advik is recently introducing to the market of surveillance cameras. The HD Analog video security solutions, delivering megapixel resolution video over coaxial cabling which are far less complex to install than IP. Several HD Analog formats have emerged since its introduction. Although all HD Analog options offer the same benefits in comparison to analog or IP, each format features unique set of compatibilities and capabilities. While there is no standard format that can be called a winner format, certain

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  • Upgrade your security with the latest technology


    Advik brings you all new camera technology that has features of 4 rolled into one for the first time ever! Now add the Aura HD series camera to your security system and enjoy the latest features like high speed, real time transmission, 2.8-12mm vari focal lens, IR distance 30 mtrs and much more! For More Details click here

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  • Taking security to new heights with the all new Aura HD DVR series.


    With the Aura HD series DVR by Advik, take your security solutions to new heights and choose between the individual and auto mode selection. Now get the best storage solutions with the choice of mode selection according to your needs. For More Details click here

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  • All new Advik Aura Series with CVI, TVI, AHD, Analog Formats


    For the first time ever, get a camera that supports all CVI, TVI, AHD, Analog Formats. With the benefits of many in one, the aura series gives you complete freedom of choice for any format to choose from and get Sharp images with true colours. For More Details click here 

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  • Best new features for your security with the Aura HD series by Advik


    With the new Aura HD series Camera get the benefits of high speed, long distance real-time transmission, camera that supports all CVI, TVI, AHD, Analog Formats all in one camera. Packed with even more latest technologies, the Aura Series offers greater benefits and better images for added security. For More Details click here 

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  • Women thieves active at Pragati Maidan


    NEW DELHI: Be vigilant while visiting the India International Trade Fair at Pragati Maidan. The police have received four complaints of thefts and found that a gang of women thieves is active in the area.The organisers of the fair have been asked to install high-resolution CCTV cameras at the venue. Credits:    

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  • 5 Must have features in an Outdoor Security Camera


    Outdoor security cameras cannot be stressed upon enough when it comes to designing and installing a security system. While coming up with a security system design, it is vital to establish the strategic places to install the security cameras especially outdoor security cameras as they need to cover large areas and capture first signs of intrusion. Along with a correct location, correct model or features of the outdoor camera are another very essential to consider and require much thought. A good outdoor security camera must have the following features to make it a suitable choice for including in your security camera

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  • What are the distinguishing features of a PTZ Camera?


      PTZ Camera or a Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera has very distinguishing features than all other stationary security cameras. In case of the stationary security cameras, the field of view is determined at the time of its installation and cannot be altered until and unless the mounting angle or the security camera lens is changed. This limits the scope of the security camera a great deal as there are many huge blind in the security system design or layout. PTZ cameras on the other hand bring flexibility and simpler installation to the table which make them stand out from other security cameras. Here are a 5 key distinguish

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  • Which are the various CAT cables available for a security system?


    Security systems are carefully designed keeping in mind the requirements in case. The performance of a s surveillance system not only depends upon the security system design but also on the equipment chosen. One such critical component for any security system is the cables used in the security system. Today, a wide range of Ethernet cables are available in the market  and every category has diverse set of specifications with regards to protection from electromagnetic field, data transmission speed, and the bandwidth frequency range. A few of the popular cables used in surveillance systems are: CAT 3 cables  

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