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  • Night Vision


      Most crimes are committed in the cover of darkness at night. This makes Night Vision Monitoring an essential feature in any security surveillance system to be able to clearly capture all the details on video at night. Police records show that majority of the break-ins, vandalism, and thefts occur under the cover of darkness, and being able to accurately identify the criminals or any details that may help in capture and prosecution of the accused, and recovering lost possessions is a crucial aspect of police investigations. You can incorporate night vision monitoring to your security system by either using cameras w

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  • Benefits of Effective CCTV Surveillance Systems in Banks


      Demonetization has created a lot of awareness about banking and the Indian economy at large while raising plenty of concern on the effectiveness of the existing surveillance systems. Today, we seek to shed light on the benefits accorded to banks and their customers when an effective CCTV surveillance system is opted. 1. Deter robberies – Being guaranteed custodians of ready cash and valuables, banks continue to be high-stake targets for criminals looking for a big payout. Proper bank video surveillance setup acts as a deterrent to robbers, and in a worst case scenario, it provides crucial images

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  • Dindigul District under CCTV Network


      Tamil Nadu– A sophisticated control room connected to an extensive CCTV network spread all over the district has been set up to curtail crime rates and incidences. The Superintendent of police said that it is first of its kind in the South Zone of police administration and covers all the prime roads of the city. It shall be set up two specially trained personnel at every police station. Credits:  

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  • Take Security To The Next Level with Advik's Fish Eye Camera


        Fish eye camera from ADVIK takes in a whopping 170-degree view and soaks up a wide area of detail, giving a fantastic circular view. Advik's fish eye camera, AD-IPCF3R2360, uses fish-eye lens, which can enable 360-degree secure view. The 360 range gives a high definition, megapixel resolution image, and the camera has various functional features like digital, tilt, pan and zooming. Geovision based fish-eye cameras available with Advik in the indoor as well as weatherproof outdoor based models also. The Geovision based fish-eye  cameras also have a 32 channel NVR licensed software that may be used al

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  • Video Door Phone with Visitor Picture Memory.


      Video Door Phone with Visitor Picture Memory. With increase in crime rate and domestic security violations, home safety has taken up a center stage position in every household. In a large competitive market, many technological offerings are available to homeowners who are keen on providing top of the class security to their loved ones, be it their better halves, ailing aged parents, young kids or a beloved pet. Many of the products are designed to ensure not only safety, but also to help catch the would-be criminals in the act of breaching the privacy of your home, while others help in preventing mishaps and alert

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  • Cloud Storage with I28CH NVR


      Advik’s I28CH NVR offers an ultra flexible and modern recorder system, which allows cloud recording via Google Drive and Dropbox. Now you can keep tabs on your valuables and offices via the internet from anywhere in the world, at any time. With this flexible recording and storage option, you can enjoy travel and vacations without the constant hustle and tension of the work you left behind. Not only does this free up plenty of physical space but it is also an economical option that has a higher degree of safety and security integrity. A resolution of 1080 pixels at 30 FPS, 16 SATA HDD (maximum up to 6 TB supp

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  • Water Proof Body Camera


    With its IP66 water proof rating, Advik’s Body camera is best for the Police, Army, Navy, Banks security guard agencies, tolls, airports and parking areas. The waterproof nature ensures the camera can capture the best footage even working in environments where they are exposed to water and dust on a daily basis.  As we shift towards advanced technology, our security camera technology becomes increasingly prone to environmental damage, sometimes owing to the nature of work and other times through accidental exposure. To protect the internal components and increase the ability of the product to work under envir

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  • Advik's Aura HD Security Systems Revolutionary Surveillance Solutions


    The Aura series of camera and DVRs is a boon to the community that wants to protect itself and the neighborhood with security systems equipped with features to record and replay videos. In today's age, with poverty hitting new levels, criminal offences are on the rise. Using security systems is the only way to live without constantly worring about the safety of personal possessions or official records and assets. ADVIK's Aura HD 4 in 1 cameras is an invaluable addition to your home and office, catering to the requirements changing society and technology. The 4 in 1 Aura HD camera caters to TVI, CVI, AHD and Analog

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  • A B C Ensure High Quality Video with Aura HD 4 in 1 Security Cameras.


    A- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a type of technique that compensates the video signal when it falls below or exceeds a specific value. B- Backlight compensation (BLC) is a feature on security cameras that compensates for strong background lighting, which would normally drown out features in the foreground, and makes details in the foreground visible.  C- Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a type of image sensor chip used in security cameras that is known to produce less signal loss and degradation in video quality from intense light sources than other image sensors. These three features combin

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  • Why Should You Install CCTVs?


    In this age and time, CCTVs are very useful in establishing a secure and safe environment. Not only is it useful to the employers, it is also invaluable to the working of a company and employees. The employees feel safer in a workplace when they know there are eyes looking over them. With increased crimes against women, it also goes a long way in creating a safe working environment for both genders. There is increased accountability, and the CCTVs act as deterrent for any unethical activities. CCTV coverage has been a crucial part of many criminal investigations and even helps in settling disputes without necessitating

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