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  • Which are the various CAT cables available for a security system?


    Security systems are carefully designed keeping in mind the requirements in case. The performance of a s surveillance system not only depends upon the security system design but also on the equipment chosen. One such critical component for any security system is the cables used in the security system. Today, a wide range of Ethernet cables are available in the market  and every category has diverse set of specifications with regards to protection from electromagnetic field, data transmission speed, and the bandwidth frequency range. A few of the popular cables used in surveillance systems are: CAT 3 cables  

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  • 4 Technologies for low light security camera


      Security Cameras to be installed in areas with limited or low lighting need special thought. This is so because the security cameras need light to produce a quality image and hence it is very important to understand your lighting conditions prior to the IP cameras selection. When most criminal acts are carried out on secluded and dark spots obscured from the normal view,  security cameras capturing quality images or video even in low light become a vital part of any security system design.  Today there is a wide variety of technologies ensuring that the IP Cameras capture usable video in any lighting c

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  • How are Analog Cameras different from IP Cameras?


      Analog Cameras and IP Cameras are quite different from each other. But the first and foremost difference that sets them apart is the way, how they deliver their video signal. Where Analog signals convert the video signal into a format that can be received by a television or monitor, on the other hand, an IP camera captures analog video and digitizes it using a specialized encoder internally. Hence, the IP camera can also act as a network device, which allows the user to access the security feed not only through an existing network but also remotely through any device such as phone, laptop, PC etc.  Bo

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  • In India, CCTV cameras touted as quick fix for women’s safety


    NEW DELHI — Last month, a Nigerian woman in New Delhi accepted a ride home from an upscale shopping mall with four men who then raped her in a moving car before pushing her out onto the road. Although her assailants fled the scene, a surveillance camera captured the grainy image of the car as it sped away, and within hours the police arrested the alleged attackers.

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  • 7 Parameters to consider when buying WI-FI Module for CCTV Cameras


    Wi-Fi module is a key component in deploying a wireless security system. While choosing a Wi-Fi module for your equipment, you need to consider its both software and hardware aspects. There are various kinds of WI-FI modules available in the market today and each WI-FI Module comes with its own combination of specifications. To make choosing the WI-FI module simpler, we have here the major parameters you should consider when buying a WI-FI module for IP Cameras. Supported Protocol:   The benefits of any wireless network depends upon the protocols employed. Each security system network has its own set of protocol

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