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  • Nirbhaya Fund: Delhi buses to now have CCTV cameras


    A massive Rs. 140 crores will be spent on the long awaited project to bring public buses and transport under the CCTV surveillance. Delhi's AAP will soon install CCTV cameras in over six thousand buses using the funds set aside under the Nirbhaya Fund. This measure will be a welcome move in re-instating belief in the security welfare of women in the National capital post the Nirbhaya incidence in 2012.  Credits:

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  • How to Decide the Best Backup Option (Part III)


    In our two previous articles, we have discussed various backup options available to you, their advantages and disadvantages. If you haven’t read the articles, here are the links. (Part I), (Part II) When deciding which backup option to purchase for your CCTV camera surveillance system, it is very important to consider what type of backup is best suited to the needs of your organization in particular. Here are a few questions that you should brainstorm prior to making your purchase decision. What is the recovery time according to your SLA (Service Level Agreements)? What does your business continuity pl

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  • All homes should have CCTV cameras, says SP


    Ghaziabad SP Akash Tomar appealed to residents to think about employing technology to protect their homes, to protect their loved ones. He urged them to use deterrents like CCTV cameras outside each and every home so that not only do we have the evidence in investigating and serving justice, but we can also scare off potential criminals.  Credits:

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  • Modal Dispersion


    Modal Dispersion : A broadening of a waveform over long distances. Modal Dispersion (or Inter-modal Dispersion) occurs in multi-mode fibers, because light is bounced down different reflective paths (e.g. modes) in the fiber. As the distance increases, the path (mode) begins to spread and the arrival time for the different light rays begins to vary. A large variance (dispersion) increases the chance that the optical receiver may interpret the incoming signals incorrectly. Modal dispersion is a major problem with multi-mode fibers.

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  • How to Set up CCTV Surveillance in Hospitals


    CCTV surveillance is a very effective tool in hospitals and healthcare facilities, for not only increasing security, but for quality assurance and control. CCTV cameras are useful to both patients and employees, in safeguarding against security breach, preventing dishonest claims, serve as visual and audio evidence in fraud and collusion legal cases and research analysis to improve reaction time and services. With technology advancements, today hospitals have the advantage of flexible video surveillance installations that offer numerous benefits such as space saving storage options with cloud storage, remote control and

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  • London Bridge attack: Armed police make three new arrests in investigation into Borough Market stabbings


      CCTV footage condemns the three men that were arrested in relation to London Bridge attack. In the CCTV, the trio are seen rushing at a passing pedestrian near Borough Market, raining down a series of blows while police cars approach. This footage emerged online and appears to show the moment armed police gunned down the three knife-wielding terrorists.  Credits:

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  • 5 Reasons to Buy Surveillance Hard Disk Drives


    There are numerous storage drives available for various purposes in the market. Consequently, users find it difficult to choose which to opt. It is the engineering of the drive of the makes all the difference when making a decision. In surveillance, the normal hard drives are preferred. Surveillance HDD is especially designed for CCTVs. While it looks similar to other drives, it is a superior choice with optimizations and features that are developed especially for surveillance. Further, it can easily be connected like other HDDs in the DVR of any surveillance setup. Advantages of Surveillance Drives 1. They are desig

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  • Brazen' sex predator who offered £10 to victim after he assaulted her is jailed


      In what is largely seen as a shocking and brazen sexual assault, CCTV footage comes in handy. The culprit was caught on camera as he traveled London buses and sought victims for his heinous crime.

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  • BLC


      Backlight compensation (BLC) is a feature on security cameras that compensates for strong background lighting, which would normally drown out features in the foreground, and makes details in the foreground visible.

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  • Backup Your CCTV Camera Footage (Part II)


    After understanding the various kinds of backup in our previous article (Part I),it is important to know the various ways available to you for backing up your data. There are many alternatives to backup your CCTV camera footage, the most popular of which are discussed below. 1. Online Backup. An online backup is also known as cloud backup. This service allows us to store our data at an offsite location. The data is uploaded using the internet to a remote computer system with a host. Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Web Services are some of the examples of popular online backup service providers. Usually, you have the

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