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  • Understanding UL Certification for security camera


    The security cameras are the most favored tool for protection or recording crime. The quality of the camera determines how good the results will be. To gain the confidence of the customers the manufacturers get the affirmation from various certifying companies. In the scurry to get certified some certificates are acquired without their importance. In this post we will comprehend the UL confirmation and check whether it is required for security cameras. Underwriters Laboratories UL LLC is an American based worldwide safety consulting and certification company. UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories and is into

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  • Owl theft shows chinks in zoo security


    PUNE: It took a missing owl from an enclosure for the authorities of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC)-run Katraj zoo to admit that surveillance on the premises was weak. The theft came to light after a park employee, who was counting the birds, realized that the owl was missing. Zoo authorities said, including the privately employed and PMC provided guards, a total of 15 securitymen are on the payroll and 14 are deployed at night. No security camera footage of the theft has been obtained, mainly because only six CCTV cameras have been installed on the campus.

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  • 9 Must have features to check in your video door phones


    We know today most of the incidents happen due to the criminals entering from the main doors. Even the common man staying alone at home are their targets. Video door phones seem to the simple device but are the essential security tool. It is not confined to the security of celebrities, fortune holders or a special class. Anyone who aims at the security of his or her family can install the video door phone system at their doorstep for keeping an eye on the visitors. Video door phones allow the residents  to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction with them.  The market of

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  • Crime Facts



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  • IGI staffer caught stealing


      After numerous incidents of theft, the security force at IGI was able to caught to culprit with the help of the security camera. The culprit, the ground staffer, use to break open the baggages to steal the precious stuff without breaking the locks.  

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  • Ngp rly station to get 200 CCTV cameras


        Senior divisional security commissioner, central railway taking a step ahead in providing extra security measure to the travellers and working staff of the railway station has announced the installation of 200 security cameras on the platforms and around the Nagpur station. The nearby stations will also be covered. They have also taken up the drive to educate the passengers and plying vehicle drivers for the security drive.

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  • Do we really need CE certification for security camera


      In order to understand whether the CE certification is needed for the security camera, we need to first understand what is the certification is all about. CE Certification: The letters CE are the abbreviation of French phrase "Conformité Européene" which means "European Conformity".  The mark on the product specifies that the product complies with the necessary requirements of relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. The certification is needed if the product is to be sold in the European Union or EU. But it is not necessary to have the

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  • Caught on camera : Man stabbed, robbed in an ATM in Jodhpur (Watch Video)


      Banks are focusing to give a lot of security at ATM machines but still mishappenings takes place. At an unfortunate incident, a man at Jodhpur ATM was stabbed for robbery at the ATM. The entire footage was recorded at the CCTV installed at the ATM and the criminal was caught by the police. The man is now safe and recovering. Read details article

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  • Factors affecting security camera control room design


    Security camera system is a combination of the camera the transmission of the data and the recorder. The complete setup is responsible for delivering the expected results. For a control room, it is a setup which includes all in one place. Usually, the control room is a place with lots of equipment, screens and people who work in gathering all the information. With the advancement in the technology, the control rooms are more employee centric, with smaller and less number of screens. A complete interaction of human, machine and environment is taken into account. Control room considerations There are numerous factors tha

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