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  • An Introduction To WDR In Security Camera


    The images captured at the bright backlight usually have a darker image of the object. In terms of the security camera, the ultimate goal of capturing the image of the culprit is not achieved. In order to get the desired images, the security camera is loaded with the feature of Wide Dynamic Range.  What is WDR The Wide Dynamic Range function ( WDR function) is needed to get the clear images in bright backlight situations where the intensity of light is high and both dark and light fields come in the range of the frame. The WDR captures the image with both light and dark areas in the same frame and works to give

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  • Stranger grabs girl in school horror


      The security of kids at school is always at the prime concern for parents and school management. The security cameras installed at school campus not only ensures that any wrong moves are caught but also the culprits are caught red handed. Here is an incident where the intruder is nabbed while he was trying to force lift the girl from the school. Read detail article on

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  • Security camera photos released of suspect in Sparks convenience store robbery


      Security camera is needed by the retail owners and convenience stores for protection from robbery, theft and vandalism. In case of any such incident that happens, it also helps the police to get the clue of the criminal and take necessary action to nab them. Here is one incident that recorded in the security camera and helped the police. Read detail article on :

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  • Upgrade security at ATMs, Banks: Dakshina Kannada police


    Bank ATM’s are the easiest and handy place for anyone the withdraw money from their accounts at any time.They are also the easiest place for the thieves to either rob the customers to withdraw money for them or to break open the ATM machines to get the cash. The security camera installed at the ATMs provides the security to the customers and the bank in protecting the money and nabbing the culprits. They are the better reliable security measure for any ATM or bank rather than any traditional method. Read detail article on :

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  • IP66: What You Need To Know About Your IP Security Camera


    When we look ahead for security camera for outdoor security purpose, we focus at the protection level the lens has against dust or water. There you must have come across terms like IP66 that signifies protection against dust and water. Instead of signifying that the camera is dust proof and waterproof, or weather resistant the code describes it better. Here IP means Ingress protection. This is the international standard that classifies the degree of protection against intrusion of foreign objects like finger, dirt, dust and water. Usually, we aim at protection from water and dust. The number after IP signifies

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  • Caught on camera: How doctor was hit


      Security cameras are the most needed security gadget in today’s time. It not only provide a tool to the user to identify the criminal minds but also gives a clue of the crime and the criminals to the police to act upon. Here is one example on how police was able to nab the culprits who injured the doctor with the help of CCTV footage. Read detail article on :

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  • 5 Reasons why you need video door phones for homes


    A secured home is what everyone aims for. The security of our family is of primary concern whether we are at home or out for work. Hiring the security guards is the conventional method and not meant for everyone. The modern technology has taken placed in providing year-round security to homes. The video door phones act as a watchdog providing constant vigil and proving themselves as a great device. They are economical and reliable as compared to traditional methods. The video door phones offer a plethora of benefits in affordable prices. Let us read along to understand them. Communicate with your visitor: The system

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