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  • Why Its good to lower the resolution of your IP security cameras


      Lowering the resolution of your IP security camera may have many benefits for you. Converting your IP security camera to a lesser resolution than its maximum potential could make a lot of sense to you in quite a number of scenarios. Consider that lowering the resolution would mean the camera would have less work to do when encoding a video. It will also mean that the data streaming will require a lower bandwidth since it'll be smaller in size. Further, your NVR will be better able to manage the encoding. You'll enjoy more available storage time without changing, modifying or upgrading the storage device. specially

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  • 3 Factors to consider when selecting a CCTV camera lens


      A lens is the heart of any surveillance system. It is essential to consider what kind of security system you’ll be installing if you pick a substandard or ineffective lens. A badly chosen lens may is very misleading since the images are not proportionate to the reality, for example; an object may appear farther away or closer than the actual reality. We’ve all heard of grainy or blurred images. And if your lens does not capture colour details well, a culprit can easily slide out grasp when a red car appears brown in footage. So then, how do we know what kind of lens is ideal when selecting a&

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  • 3 Positioning tips for a fisheye camera


      Right positioning and placement of a fisheye camera ensure a circumspect coverage of your offices and places of business. It helps in providing a comprehensive surveillance of a given room or space. Advik is a leading security camera manufacturer in India and today, we’ll share tips to make the most of your CCTV camera in this article. Take note of these 3 tips when positioning and in the placement of your camera to reduce the loss of image quality due to warping. 1. Avoid Corners: The coverage area and field of view of a fisheye camera is circular. Placing it in a corner greatly reduces this cover

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  • Is your CCTV Camera losing focus? Check out this simple trick.


      With advance in technology, our surveillance and CCTV cameras have evolved to offer better image and video clarity. Modifications and features designed to allow us greater flexibility and functions in terms of where to mount the CCTV camera and how to use it. However, all this advancement has created a new problem. The video footage shows that the camera loses focus at different times of the day. The most common example of this is the peculiar case of a blurry footage you observe in the evening, right before you close the office for the day. However, when you open for work the following day, you get a sharp and

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  • Where to place CCTV


      A well-placed camera can help you not only identify intruders but also deter criminals. A camera placed in a wrong area will make your security system vulnerable. For home owners, the optimal areas to install security cameras are the all doors (front door, back door, garage, and side door) and spots that cover the windows especially all on the first floor.  All outdoor cameras should be weatherproof and have night vision to ensure a strong security system and all around protection. The placing of your camera is dependent on what type of camera it is. Cameras with a focus range of approximately 45 to 75 deg

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  • How to clean security camera lens


      Even having the best CCTV camera surveillance system is ineffective if the video quality is distorted due to a dirty security camera lens. Every CCTV camera should be cleaned at least on a monthly basis for good quality footage. All you need is a clean microfibre cloth, and lens cleaner solution (optional). First and foremost, you need to switch off the CCTV camera so that there is no damage to the device. Remember, never clean a camera while it is switched on as it may be unsafe for the person performing the cleaning. Next you can use an air blower or vacuum cleaner to blow off the loose dust. This reduces the c

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  • A B C Ensure High Quality Video with Aura HD 4 in 1 Security Cameras.


    A- Automatic Gain Control (AGC) is a type of technique that compensates the video signal when it falls below or exceeds a specific value. B- Backlight compensation (BLC) is a feature on security cameras that compensates for strong background lighting, which would normally drown out features in the foreground, and makes details in the foreground visible.  C- Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) is a type of image sensor chip used in security cameras that is known to produce less signal loss and degradation in video quality from intense light sources than other image sensors. These three features combin

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  • 5 Must have features in an Outdoor Security Camera


    Outdoor security cameras cannot be stressed upon enough when it comes to designing and installing a security system. While coming up with a security system design, it is vital to establish the strategic places to install the security cameras especially outdoor security cameras as they need to cover large areas and capture first signs of intrusion. Along with a correct location, correct model or features of the outdoor camera are another very essential to consider and require much thought. A good outdoor security camera must have the following features to make it a suitable choice for including in your security camera

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  • 9 Must have features to check in your video door phones


    We know today most of the incidents happen due to the criminals entering from the main doors. Even the common man staying alone at home are their targets. Video door phones seem to the simple device but are the essential security tool. It is not confined to the security of celebrities, fortune holders or a special class. Anyone who aims at the security of his or her family can install the video door phone system at their doorstep for keeping an eye on the visitors. Video door phones allow the residents  to communicate safely with visitors without any need for physical interaction with them.  The market of

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  • Factors affecting security camera control room design


    Security camera system is a combination of the camera the transmission of the data and the recorder. The complete setup is responsible for delivering the expected results. For a control room, it is a setup which includes all in one place. Usually, the control room is a place with lots of equipment, screens and people who work in gathering all the information. With the advancement in the technology, the control rooms are more employee centric, with smaller and less number of screens. A complete interaction of human, machine and environment is taken into account. Control room considerations There are numerous factors tha

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