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  • How to Set up CCTV Surveillance in Hospitals


    CCTV surveillance is a very effective tool in hospitals and healthcare facilities, for not only increasing security, but for quality assurance and control. CCTV cameras are useful to both patients and employees, in safeguarding against security breach, preventing dishonest claims, serve as visual and audio evidence in fraud and collusion legal cases and research analysis to improve reaction time and services. With technology advancements, today hospitals have the advantage of flexible video surveillance installations that offer numerous benefits such as space saving storage options with cloud storage, remote control and

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  • Megapixel


      Megapixel : 1,000,000 pixels and also the measure of the amount of display elements in digital display or camera. Megapixel and multi-megapixel security cameras capture video footage at a significantly higher resolution than their analog counterparts, i.e. a 1.3 megapixel IP camera captures 1,300,000 pixels in a single frame (1280×1024), 2 megapixel captures 2,000,000 pixels in a single frame (1920×1080) etc.

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  • 5 Benefits of Body Cameras


      1. Better capability and quality of evidence collection. Body worn cameras are especially useful in accurately collecting and preserving the evidence at the accidents or crime scenes. Further, they help to settle any bias and resolve any conflicting accounts from victims, criminals and the witnesses. Since body worn cameras capture everything as investigating officers of law interrogate and investigate numerous people, often repeating details in courts. 2. Source of evidence. In cases when victims or witnesses are not forthcoming or unwilling to testify in courts, footage from body worn camer

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  • 10 Important features to check before buying a Video Door Phone


      With increase in crime rates, everyone is vigilant about the safety and security of their homes and their loved ones. Video door phones empower your loved ones to protect themselves and your home from intruders. But how do you know which video door phone to purchase? Here’s a list of important features you must check before buying a video door phone: 1. Touch screens – These make for a very user friendly interface and are stylish too. They are easy to use and allow for effortless operating. 2. Do not disturb – Want to sleep in or do work without any disturbances? This feature a

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  • Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part II)


      We’re back with the second installment of this two part series on video surveillance in hospitals. If you haven’t read the previous one, click here. If you’ve already read the first part, continue reading. 9. Keep an eye on for drugs. All sorts of drugs and chemicals are used in a hospital. Many of these drugs can be misused for substance abuse, whereas others are very expensive or lethal and could mean huge losses to the hospital in terms of finance and image. It is, therefore, important to keep an eye on the pharmacy and drug stores in a hospital, right from ordering to unloadi

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  • Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I)


      In this two part series, we are going to discuss the importance of video surveillance in various aspects of our health care systems like hospitals. Wouldn’t you like to know how safe you are even your at your lowest and most vulnerable state? Why should hospitals rethink their security systems and appoint superior security surveillance systems and CCTVs in hospital premises? Read on to find out. 1. Better security and safety a. Well positioned and placed CCTV cameras help prevent crimes and unauthorized entry. b. It enables the medical staff to maintain a watch on controlled

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  • 7 Reasons to buy PTZ CCTV Cameras


         PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) CCTV cameras provide many benefits over the standard stationary security surveillance cameras. From field of view to flexibility of rotation, we give you 7 of reasons to why PTZ CCTV cameras should be on your security team. 1. Field of view A well placed PTZ camera can provide a full 360 degree coverage area. Based on the viewing angle, both pan and tilt can be pre-programmed to cover large areas with fewer number of PTZ cameras. This allows you to install CCTV cameras in locations like parking lots that would otherwise require larger number of cameras. This helps y

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  • 5 Holi Safety Tips


      As we celebrate Holi, a festive of gulal, gunjiya and bhang, it is very important to stay safe. Every year, numerous crimes including burglary, accidents, eve teasing and violence are reported during this festive season. Sadly, even our children and women are not safe. For Advik, a leading security camera manufacturer in India, you’re safety is paramount. Here are 5 tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while you celebrate Holi. 1. Comfort zone: Sometimes staying within your comfort zone is the safer option. Refrain from visiting unfamiliar places and unfamiliar crowds. Decide beforehand where a

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  • How to Choose a Fisheye Camera


      When buying a fisheye camera, you need to ensure you get a high quality camera for great image and video quality. Advik is a leading CCTV camera manufacturer in India with 360 degree revolutionary and panorama fisheye cameras. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to choose the best fisheye camera to suit your needs. 1. The mega pixels of the camera are very critical. Since the fisheye lens is round and the camera sensors are square or rectangular, it is important to opt a camera with about 4 mega pixels. This is because there is high pixel loss even in dewarping the image. 2. Another

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  • How to Select the Best CCTV


      Today, CCTVs are an essential part of any security surveillance system. But how to decide what CCTV is best suited to your needs? We bring you buying tips to help you select the best CCTV with high quality surveillance footage, whether you are looking for a security camera for your business or your home. First, determine the coverage area and target distance by surveying and simple observation of the particular area to be covered. You know the famous phrase ‘think like a criminal’ so go ahead and think from the perspective of a thief. What areas are more vulnerable? What areas need multiple angles of

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