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  • Why are surveillance cameras important?

    Surveillance or security systems have become the need of the hour. Surveillance cameras not only provide a way of identifying the culprit in case of a crime, they also act as a deterrent for any potential incident in offices, educational and health institutions and even residences. With advancement in technology, security systems can now be customized according to the clients needs. for all our security system needs, visit our site on Quora)

  • What are the best hidden, residential security cameras?

    A pinhole camera is the best hidden camera. There are many variations of pinhole cameras available, visit our site for the same...(Asked on Quora)

  • On- Board Surveillance systems Can you suggest me company that deal with On- Board Surveillance systems for public transportation ..

    You can explore the range of security cameras for onboard surveillance for public transportation from our site

  • IP Camera utp cabling 400 meters long

    You can extend the wiring upto 400 mtrs by putting POE switches at every 100 mtr. Explore the range of POE switches from our site

  • Recently I got a question about the IRE of an IP camera. Can anyone explain me how to measure the IRE of an IP camera?

    The IRE of the camera is measured in terms of lux. You can find this as the features of the camera. Higher the lux the lower the quality of the IRE. Choose the one with minimum lux to get the best results.

  • TVI - AHD - HDCVI - Which one do you prefer in terms of cost and Quality?

    In terms of quality all the three types are the same but AHD has an upper edge in terms of cost.

  • Has anyone got a good solution for CCTV cloud back up ?

    You can connect your wifi camera with NAS box to get the cloud backup.

  • Do you really know about HDCVI? How much do you know?

    HDCVI cameras are the advanced versions of analog cameras that are designed to give HD quality images.

  • Security: Are surveillance cameras effective in preventing crime?

    Security cameras do help in preventing and deterring the crime. No one would like to get caught red handed while committing the crime. (Asked on Quora)

  • How long does it take to install security cameras?

    It depends on how big system you need in place. (Asked on Quora)

  • How do I install cctv cameras at home?

    You just need to check which all areas you need to cover with the camera. Then all you need a proper wiring in place. (Asked on Quora)

  • What is the best "hidden" security camera (2016)?

    You can look for pinhole cameras from advik. Visit our site for the same. (Asked on Quora)

  • Where can I order a video door phones for my homes security?

    You can order online from (Asked on Quora)

  • Is it okay to put CCTV cameras on public places?

    Yes usually the government takes up security measures by installing the security cameras at various public cameras. (Asked on Quora)

  • What are typical application of a fish eye CCTV camera?

    Fish eye cameras are most suitable for a wide area surveillance. Read along our post to know more about its applications (Asked on Quora)

  • How can cameras see in the dark?

    The security cameras are designed to see in the dark as well. The feature that enables them to see in the dark is known as IR rating. To know more about the feature read along the post (Asked on Quora)

  • What is the best security camera system out there for outdoor use?

    There are multiple options available in the market. You can look for the suitable features in the same. Read the blog post to know the features. You can visit our site to explore the range of outdoor cameras. (Asked on Quora)

  • How do I choose a home security surveillance system in India?

    There are numerous factors you need to check before buying Home security system. Read along the post to find out those. 9 Must have features to check in your video door phones. (Asked on Quora)

  • What are the advantages of installing the PTZ security cameras?

    PTZ Cameras are designed to give very wide area of surveillance along with remote movement of the footage frame. The camera can be adjusted to pan, tilt or zoom in the image whenever required. (Asked on Quora)

  • Where can I buy branded CCTV camera in Delhi ?

    You can explore the range of CCTV from (Asked on Quora)

  • What are the trust marks need to be seen before buying the security cameras?

    You can look for UL, CE, FCHS marks if you are looking for international standards. However, do focus on the trust marks that your country specifies for. You know more about what certificates does each country demands please read along the post Understanding UL Certification for security camera. (Asked on Quora)

  • How do I Convert Analog CCTV to Digital IP Camera?

    It is possible to convert analog CCTV to digital IP camera with encoders, but it is not recommended now these days. (Asked on Quora)

  • What are the types of security camera systems?

    You can find 4 types in a broader sense.

    • Analog camera: These are the oldest and the simplest of all.
    • HD camera: These are just advanced versions of Analog camera designed to give better quality images.
    • IP camera: These are the network based security cameras. These are latest in the technology and have numerous features.
    • PTZ: These are the wide area surveillance cameras. These are capable of pan, tilt and zoom for better surveillance." (Asked on Quora)
  • Is it possible to control single CCTV camera without any DVR box but from PC?

    Yes there are certain cameras that do not require DVR box. You just need to connect them to you PC via router. (Asked on Quora)

  • What are the features to be seen before buying a CCTV camera for home surveillance?

    Firstly you need to check what location you need to cover from the security camera. This will give you an idea of indoor camera or outdoor camera and number of units. Then you have to see what features you wish to have in your camera. Then you can go for the camera. (Asked on Quora)

  • Why is cctv literally classified as being illegal for domestic (residential) premises unless the installer used just uses signage for this?

    Security camera at the residential space is not at all illegal. If you wish to secure your place personally without intervening the privacy of other people then you are allowed to install the camera. (Asked on yahoo)

  • Are there cameras that can follow your movement?

    Yes the security cameras with auto recognition can follow your movement. Usually this is done if the security officers detect something suspicious about you. This is the design with the hardware and nothing is related to artificial intelligence. (Asked on yahoo)

  • Electricity question, 8 security cameras on 24/7 how big of jump in my bill will there be ?

    You need to check the power consumption details on the box or the manual provided along with the camera. Usually security cameras do not consume much power. They consume nearly 6 w of power. (Asked on yahoo)

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