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Why Its good to lower the resolution of your IP security cameras

26-04-2017 | Resolution

Why Its Good to Lower the Resolution of Your IP Security Cameras 

Lowering the resolution of your IP security camera may have many benefits for you. Converting your IP security camera to a lesser resolution than its maximum potential could make a lot of sense to you in quite a number of scenarios. Consider that lowering the resolution would mean the camera would have less work to do when encoding a video. It will also mean that the data streaming will require a lower bandwidth since it'll be smaller in size. Further, your NVR will be better able to manage the encoding. You'll enjoy more available storage time without changing, modifying or upgrading the storage device. specially if you have higher resolution cameras, you'll have the choice to record at a higher frame rate once you have lowered the resolution. With so many reasons on hand, you can now decide whether you might just want to lower the resolution of your IP camera.

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