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6 Perfect places to place the Security Camera at home

20-05-2016 | Security Camera

When it comes to protecting our family we are ready to take any safety measures. When we hear about the incident in the nearby area we think about installing a security camera at our home. But you need to check whether you need to have it and where you want to install it. You also need to check whether to place the camera in a hidden location or in open for the burglar to see. To identify the vulnerable locations of the property let us read further.

Front door :

It may sound strange but most of the criminals take the entry from the front door. So you need to have a security measure at this point. Prefer installing video door phone at the front door so that before you open the door you are sure about the visitor. They also record the visitors who came to your house when you are not at home.

Backdoor :

This is also the vulnerable spot for any forced entry. Prefer arming all the doors of the house that open on the roadside. You can install an IP camera at the gate at a place that is out of reach of human hands. Be sure that the camera is weatherproof and have a night vision option for all round security.

Off street windows :

The windows that open in the remote lanes are also the preferred location for the burglar to enter the house. It decreases their chances of being caught. Protect such windows from tampering by installing a security camera at this location as well. Opt for IP camera for indoor use and install from inside so that the burglar is not alert when he enters the house.

Backyard :


If you have a backyard at your house then this is again the vulnerable spot for forced entry. Arm the location from inside with the outdoor surveillance camera with night vision and motion detection. This will help to cover the entire area and protect your property. Ensure that the security camera is weather proof too. You can place the camera in the visible location so that the intruder thinks again before entering the house.

Terrace :


If you have a terrace with the access to the road then it is also on the preferred list of the intruders. The terrace gates being an easy to spot for break-ins, needs to be armed for protection. You can opt for the outdoor IP camera with night vision, motion control and weather proof for complete protection from forced entry through this location.

Basement window :

Basement window

Basements usually have windows opened at the roads. Although these windows are small but can become an easy option for intruders. They can be armed with indoor IP camera. Place a camera from inside to capture any movement without letting the burglars know that they are watched. Once you have identified the vulnerable locations, you need to look for the right type of the security system for the protection of your property and your family members.

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