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Importance of Ingress Protection (IP) Rating in CCTV Cameras

17-04-2017 | IP Rating, cctv camera

We’ve all seen IP66 or IP 68 in the product manuals of our CCTV cameras, laptops and even mobile phones. But what does this mean? In today’s post, we’ll shed light on the subject of IP ratings. IP stands for Ingress Protection. This is a standard security rating affixed to electronic gadgets to define the levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.

It is important to enhance the durability of any electronic gadget especially to protect it from dust and water. Manufacturers create enclosures with higher IP ratings so that the gadgets can withstand the weather andterrain they are exposed to. Ingress Protection Rating requires the gadget to pass very challenging circumstances to acquire the standard codes. It is a rating that measures the degree of protection given to gadgets by the enclosures.

How to read a protection rating.

How to read a protection rating.

  •  IP stands for Ingress Protection Code.
  • The First IP digit signifies the product’s safety against solid materials, l like dust (range 0-6).
  • The Second IP digit signifies the product’s protection against liqus, like water (range 0-8).

how to read a protection rating

Refer to the IP rating chart above to understand what each of the ratings stand for. For example; IP 68 rating would mean complete protection against dust and protection against long periods of immersion under pressure. Any electronic product manufacturer cross-checks the standard IP ratings to know about the weatherproof ratings and the degree of protection the product can stand. This helps ensure efficiency of the product while performing its functions. For example a CCTV camera being placed outside should be able to withstand the rain and dust while a camera used by the Navy may need to take on bouts of submersion under water. The knowledge of IP ratings will enable you to select the best CCTV camera to match your needs and enjoy a longer durability.

Importance of using IP rating products 


  • The IP codes enable us to put in place sufficient safeguards to protect our CCTV cameras from damage.

  • Electronic products with IP rating boost customer confidence and trust in the cameras so that they are comfortable buying these cameras.

  • It improves the company’s image and credibility in the market.

  • IP rating ensures efficiency of CCTV cameras in performing their functions and handling the terrain they are designed for.


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