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9 Features of IP Camera that make them stand out

27-05-2016 | Security Camera

 IP Camera Features

IP security cameras accompany an extensive variety of components and innovations, permitting you to record video in HD, adjust to changing light levels for the duration of the day, access your camera remotely or function in any weather situation. These elements make your camera all the more intense and valuable since you can customize them as expected to fit your observation needs. 

Night Vision :

Many IP Surveillance cameras bolster night vision by killing the IR Filter which makes the picture visible during the evening. This is good if you want security measure to work 24*7.


Some IP Surveillance cameras can recognize the light source utilized and make up for its shading which makes the focused object look all the clearer against a brilliant or dull light. 

Audio :

Some IP Cameras take into consideration recording the voice alongside video (outer receiver availability is given in the cameras). If you wish to for audio recording then look for this option.

Motion Detection :

This component is utilized to create an alert at whatever point movement happens (or stops) in the frame. There are regions which can target particular ranges inside the frame for movement or can disregard particular zones for movement identification. 

Intrusion Alarm :

If any undesirable occurrences happen with the cameras like cutting the cables that can stop the working of the IP cameras, certain alarms can be initiated by them. 

Control Over Ethernet (POE) :

Many IP cameras bolster POE – Power Over Ethernet highlight which gives the network data cable (Cat 5E/6) to carry power and data at the same time without using a separate power cable.

Corridor Format :

Usually the standard cameras in narrow spaces wastes the camera’s resolution and creates large than necessary files. Certain IP cameras that support corridor format use vertical orientation to maximize resolution when recording in hallways, stairways, and more.

Weather resistance :

Some cameras are superior to anything others at taking care of the rain or dust storm. If you are looking for an IP camera for outdoor purpose  then search for Ingress protection grade of IP65 or above.

Remote monitoring :

Certain IP camera support mobile app for real time viewing on your smartphone or laptops. If you want to monitor from any location worldwide then you can look for this option.

These are few features that you can look into your IP security camera. There are some features that can be customized in the camera. If you want to buy a security camera for your premises or looking for customized option, please feel free to fill the online support inquiry form to know more about it  or give us a call on our toll free number. We will answer all your queries and best solution for your need.

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