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3 Factors for low light recording from security camera

31-05-2016 | Security Camera

Security Camera In Poor Lighting

Light is the most imperative component of any camera. The vast majority of the occurrences happen under low light circumstances. The darkness hides the identity of the intruders. For a security camera to produce pictures, they should be equipped for performing in low light situations.There are numerous elements in the security camera that necessities considering to guarantee that the camera is fit for performing in low light also. 

What does the low light means :

A security camera particulars for the most part talks about the execution level of camera under different light conditions. Usually the details express the base light for colour pictures like 0.01 lux, and a base light for monochrome or black and white pictures like 0 lux. Below these figures the camera can no more deliver recording pictures/video of viewable quality.

Let us comprehend what all variables affect the picture created from a security camera.

Sensor :

The size of the sensor usually describes the quality of the images. The bigger the size of the sensor usually defines the better image quality but the dynamic range of the sensor is also considered a good indicator.

Aperture :

The f stop number specifies the size of the aperture of the camera. The larger aperture allows more light (f stop 1.2)to pass through while the small aperture allows less light. The lenses are specified as fixed iris or auto iris. The auto iris is suitable for varied light conditions while fixed iris lens is best for static light conditions throughout the recording time. These are best for artificial light condition like in a corporate office where the work goes on for 24*7. 

Shutter speed :

In case of recording, the shutter speed refers to the amount of time each frame is exposed (e.g. 1/25 – a twenty fifth of a second, 1/1000000 – a ten-lakhs of a second, or even 2 – two seconds). Shutter speed indicates the level of clarity the IP security camera will be able to capture images. A higher screen speed means singular frames seeming more keen while a lower shade speed means obscured pictures when the article moves inside the frame.

As far as the effect of the shade speed on picture quality under various lighting conditions, the lower the shutter speed, the more the introduction time of the sensor to light. Under low-light conditions, a slower shutter speed may demonstrate a brighter picture.

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