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Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I)

01-05-2017 | CCTV Cameras, Surveillance, Hospitals

Importance of Video Surveillance in Hospitals (Part I) 

In this two part series, we are going to discuss the importance of video surveillance in various aspects of our health care systems like hospitals. Wouldn’t you like to know how safe you are even your at your lowest and most vulnerable state? Why should hospitals rethink their security systems and appoint superior security surveillance systems and CCTVs in hospital premises? Read on to find out.

1. Better security and safety

a. Well positioned and placed CCTV cameras help prevent crimes and unauthorized entry.

b. It enables the medical staff to maintain a watch on controlled patients from the control room.

c. Access control also ensures no unauthorized persons or visitors enter any of the restricted areas in the restricted timings.

d. Monitor hospital premises and facilities like parking lots, laboratories etc.

e. Simply the visibility of CCTV camera surveillance reduces the likelihood of crime by instilling a fear of being caught.

2. Remote access and monitoring

It allows authorized hospital staff to access important files from remote locations. This reduces the time lag in obtaining information, which may prove very important in saving lives. It also allows hospital employees to keep an eye on the hospital from multiple locations, over the internet.

3. Uninterrupted real time monitoring

IP surveillance enables authorized hospital employees to keep an eye on critical areas with uninterrupted real time video surveillance in real time.

4. Digital storage

IP surveillance allows the hospital staff to store surveillance footage in digital form on network servers, hard-drives or NVRs, or cloud. This makes the surveillance footage easily and readily accessible to the authorized employees while making searching a lot more simple.

5. Evidence for investigations

Surveillance footage from CCTV cameras provides invaluable evidence for criminal investigations and settlement of critical timelines. This visual evidence can prove very useful in the court.

6. Prevents dishonest claims

The footage from multiple CCTV cameras keeps away any fraudsters who want to take advantage of the hospital facilities. For example, cameras in the hallways, lobbies and waiting areas ensures that visitors and patients do not make false claims of unfair practices and abuse of position by hospital employees since there exists video proof to refute such claims.

7. Increase productivity of employees

Being under constant video surveillance pushes the employees to work more productively and reduces the lax time.

8. Resolve employee disputes

It serves as visual evidence in shedding light on employee tiffs and disputes so that they can be settled in a quick manner.

Check in next week for the second part of this series. Keep safe. 

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