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5 Holi Safety Tips

10-03-2017 | Advik, Security Camera Manufacturer in India, Holi, Safety tips

5holi safety tip 

As we celebrate Holi, a festive of gulal, gunjiya and bhang, it is very important to stay safe. Every year, numerous crimes including burglary, accidents, eve teasing and violence are reported during this festive season. Sadly, even our children and women are not safe. For Advik, a leading security camera manufacturer in India, you’re safety is paramount. Here are 5 tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while you celebrate Holi.

1. Comfort zone: Sometimes staying within your comfort zone is the safer option. Refrain from visiting unfamiliar places and unfamiliar crowds. Decide beforehand where and who you’ll be celebrating Holi with. Stick close to family and friends you feel safe with.

2. Watch your food and drink: Bhang is the official drink of Holi. While predominantly it is consumed in liquid form, it is not uncommon to find pakodas and food spiked. It may be make for friendly fun but it can also make you vulnerable.

3. Colourful danger: Not everyone who approaches you in the crowd is a friend. Undesirable elements often join crowds in the cover of colour. Watch out for danger so painted with colourful gulal that it makes recognition difficult. Ask your family and friends to play with safe and organic colours only.

4. Don’t drink and drive: Do not overindulge. If you are going to be consuming liquor, it is best to either arrange for a cab or a sleepover at your celebration destination. Do not drink and drive as it puts not only you at risk but at least three parties; you, the people in your car and the others using the road. The responsible youth these days takes turns being the designated driver. How this works: If 4 friends take a car and plan to drink alcohol, one friend stays sober. He is termed the Designated Driver (DD) and responsible for drive the car back. They can then rotate the DD for the next event.

5. Be alert: Always stay alert of your surroundings. Keep an eye on the children. If you notice any unfriendly elements, get help. Keep the emergency numbers on hand: 100-Police, 101-Fire,102-Ambulance, 112-All emergencies, 181-Women helpline. We have to be thankful to the police and security forces that are vigilant and give up their holiday time for our safety. 

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