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4 Security Camera Checkpoints For Shopping Malls

18-05-2016 | Security Camera

We take security as our primary motto. Whether it is  about ourselves or our family or even our workplace we do not want to compromise on security. For places like shopping malls where the crowd is high and the money flows, it is more prone to attract criminal activities. Even the security of the visitors and the working staff is also important. The owners take a step ahead for securing public and their setup. Along with security guards, the security cameras at such places provide an extra sense of security. Let us see what types of security camera suits the best for this locations.

Area of coverage : 

Shopping malls usually cover wider area. Here the camera with wider area of coverage will be the best choice. The major places of camera location is stairs, storage area, walkway and parking lot. For locations like parking lot or walkway, the PTZ camera or dome camera can be the right choice. Where the PTZ camera offers a pan, tilt or zoom option to monitor activities closely, dome camera are usually covered in a dark covering that restrict people from knowing where the camera is looking. 
Here the location of the camera does matter. If the camera needs to be placed at the entrance or the exit or at the shop then the coverage area may be small whereas if the camera is to be placed at the central location or the walkway then the coverage area may be bigger. 

Weatherproof : 

Well, if the camera needs to be placed in an open location like parking lot or the entrance for the security of the vehicles of the shoppes or the shop owners and to keep an eye on the visitors, then the protection of the camera against weather is to be aimed at. You can look for the cameras with IP66 or above protection level as these are the cameras which are water and dust proof. 

Clarity of image : 
At the shopping malls the lighting may impact the quality of the image as the glare from various angles may affect the background and object in the image. This will not be good if you want to track the culprit. For the basic security Opt for cameras loaded with WDR(An introduction to WDR in security camera) compatibility for the clear images.
Face Detection and Recording :
If you wish to keep a record of the faces of the visitors then the security camera recorder can  be loaded with the face detection facility.
Customised option for different locations :
You can even opt to customise the security camera depending upon the location it needs to be placed. Like for parking lots, storage, stairs you can choose night vision to record images in any light condition. The area of coverage can be altered as well and so on. 
If you are not sure what options to focus for the security camera for mall, or looking for the right security camera or even the customized option suits you best then please feel free to fill the online enquiry form for us so that we can get back to you in with best of the solutions. You can also get the modification in the software as per your need to better results.

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