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ONVIF, Optical Zoom, OSD

19-04-2017 | ONVIF, Optical Zoom, OSD


This is a global and open industry forum and standard aimed at facilitating the development and use of an interface of IP-based security products. All ONVIF products are compatible with each other irrespective of the manufacturer’s brand.


Optical Zoom

This is a true mechanical zoom, which allows a camera to enlarge objects at great distance. It allows one to change the focal length of a camera by adjusting the physical zoom lens. Unlike digital zoom, optical zoom does not suffer from pixilation, but it cannot be performed on video playback via the video recorder’s software. Optical zoom provides better images of far objects in comparison to digital zoom.

Opitical xoom


OSD satnds for On-Screen display. It is a feature on many security cameras. It allows you to locally configure and select every setting on a camera, like brightness, contrast, and horizontal and vertical positioning, while you are installing it without having to run a constant check between the camera and DVR


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