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  • 3 Factors to consider when selecting a CCTV camera lens


      A lens is the heart of any surveillance system. It is essential to consider what kind of security system you’ll be installing if you pick a substandard or ineffective lens. A badly chosen lens may is very misleading since the images are not proportionate to the reality, for example; an object may appear farther away or closer than the actual reality. We’ve all heard of grainy or blurred images. And if your lens does not capture colour details well, a culprit can easily slide out grasp when a red car appears brown in footage. So then, how do we know what kind of lens is ideal when selecting a&

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  • 2 Arrested for setting SUV on fire


      New Delhi – In Delhi's Subhash Nagar, road rage took a turn for violence and destruction of property when following an altercation, two men poured oil and set an SUV on fire. The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera. Police has arrested the alleged following a PCR call. Credits:

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  • PTZ, Focal length and Field of view


      Pan - The movement of a camera in the horizontal direction or x-axis. Tilt - The movement of a camera in the vertical direction or y-axis. Zoom - Enlarge or reduce the focus by changing of the effective focal length thus allowing many fields of view. It can be an optical zoom where adjustments are made to the lens or it can be a digital zoom whereby we electronically magnify a select portion of the view. ​Focal Length - This is the distance from the optical center of a lens to the image of an object located at an infinite distance from the lens. Long focal lengths give a small field of view and vice vers

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  • Accused caught on CCTV camera


      Chandigarh – Police procured CCTV footage from cameras installed outside hotels and shops in Burali to investigate and aid in the capture of three accused men who shot financier, Karan. Credits:

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  • 5 Holi Safety Tips


      As we celebrate Holi, a festive of gulal, gunjiya and bhang, it is very important to stay safe. Every year, numerous crimes including burglary, accidents, eve teasing and violence are reported during this festive season. Sadly, even our children and women are not safe. For Advik, a leading security camera manufacturer in India, you’re safety is paramount. Here are 5 tips to keep you and your loved ones safe while you celebrate Holi. 1. Comfort zone: Sometimes staying within your comfort zone is the safer option. Refrain from visiting unfamiliar places and unfamiliar crowds. Decide beforehand where a

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  • IR


      Many specifications in a camera use 'IR' but what is this? IR stands for Infra-red Light. This light is invisible to the eye. It has low frequency and wavelengths longer than 700 nm. It is used in CCTV cameras to record images in the dark. The camera emits this light and records the reflected light determining the distance at which an object is. Normally, a camera operates on normal colour during the day when there is sufficient light, but at night or when there is low light, the IR sensitivity needs to be high. 

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  • 3 Positioning tips for a fisheye camera


      Right positioning and placement of a fisheye camera ensure a circumspect coverage of your offices and places of business. It helps in providing a comprehensive surveillance of a given room or space. Advik is a leading security camera manufacturer in India and today, we’ll share tips to make the most of your CCTV camera in this article. Take note of these 3 tips when positioning and in the placement of your camera to reduce the loss of image quality due to warping. 1. Avoid Corners: The coverage area and field of view of a fisheye camera is circular. Placing it in a corner greatly reduces this cover

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  • Public support for surveillance cameras


        Hyderabad – In a public initiative, residents of Karimnagar came forward to instal 120 CCTV cameras in their Division. Many contributed amounts anywhere between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. This move was inspired by the successful capture of a 60 year old burglar who stole 14 laptops from buses. Credits:

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  • Is your CCTV Camera losing focus? Check out this simple trick.


      With advance in technology, our surveillance and CCTV cameras have evolved to offer better image and video clarity. Modifications and features designed to allow us greater flexibility and functions in terms of where to mount the CCTV camera and how to use it. However, all this advancement has created a new problem. The video footage shows that the camera loses focus at different times of the day. The most common example of this is the peculiar case of a blurry footage you observe in the evening, right before you close the office for the day. However, when you open for work the following day, you get a sharp and

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  • CCTV footage provides evidence to capture killers of stray dog


      Mumbai – Social Activists collected evidence by way of CCTV footage to help identify and capture the heartless killers of a stray dog. The outraged animal lovers shared these clips from the footage to create social awareness. Credits:

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