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  • Where to place CCTV


      A well-placed camera can help you not only identify intruders but also deter criminals. A camera placed in a wrong area will make your security system vulnerable. For home owners, the optimal areas to install security cameras are the all doors (front door, back door, garage, and side door) and spots that cover the windows especially all on the first floor.  All outdoor cameras should be weatherproof and have night vision to ensure a strong security system and all around protection. The placing of your camera is dependent on what type of camera it is. Cameras with a focus range of approximately 45 to 75 deg

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  • How to Select the Best CCTV


      Today, CCTVs are an essential part of any security surveillance system. But how to decide what CCTV is best suited to your needs? We bring you buying tips to help you select the best CCTV with high quality surveillance footage, whether you are looking for a security camera for your business or your home. First, determine the coverage area and target distance by surveying and simple observation of the particular area to be covered. You know the famous phrase ‘think like a criminal’ so go ahead and think from the perspective of a thief. What areas are more vulnerable? What areas need multiple angles of

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  • Railways Allocated Rs.500 Crore for CCTV


      New Delhi – Minister of State for Railways, Rajen Gohain, informed Rajya Sabha on Friday in a reply that the Indian Railways have been allocated Rs. 500 crore for the installtion of CCTV cameras at 983 station by March 2019. Credits:

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  • How to clean security camera lens


      Even having the best CCTV camera surveillance system is ineffective if the video quality is distorted due to a dirty security camera lens. Every CCTV camera should be cleaned at least on a monthly basis for good quality footage. All you need is a clean microfibre cloth, and lens cleaner solution (optional). First and foremost, you need to switch off the CCTV camera so that there is no damage to the device. Remember, never clean a camera while it is switched on as it may be unsafe for the person performing the cleaning. Next you can use an air blower or vacuum cleaner to blow off the loose dust. This reduces the c

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  • Analog Cameras and DVRs vs. IP Cameras and NVRs


      Over the years, surveillance systems have evolved from the Analog cameras to IP cameras, and from DVRs to NVRs. They may cost slightly more with a higher initial cost, but IP cameras and NVRs are far superior to their older and outdated counterparts. Think about this. If you go out to buy a computer system today, would you rather invest in an old cathode ray monitor desktop computer system or opt for a slightly costly laptop. There’s your answer. Here are a few reasons why it’s time for you to switch from analog cameras and DVRs to IP cameras and NVRs. 1. Outdated technology – Analog cameras ha

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  • An exciting journey on Metro Rail


      Nagpur – Shirish Apte, deputy general manager, Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation Limited likened CCTV to the immune system of the human body. In answer to a query on the security and safety measures, Apte said CCTV surveillance shall be available on all Metro trains and stations. He said, "We fall sick because our immune system fails. There are signs and symptoms if we catch any virus or disease. So we take medicine and get back on the track. It's same with any system, it gives signs before it fails. So we will be constantly observing these signals and take care of it. Credits:http://timesofindia.indiatim

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  • Remote Access CCTV Cameras


      Remote access is the ability to access one’s computer, mobile, CCTV surveillance from a remote location. This provides the advantage of having access to distant gadgets from anywhere in the world. It can be set up with a LAN, WAN or even VPN so that resources and computer systems can be accessed and controlled remotely. You get the freedom to access security surveillance systems set up around your offices and homes even while you enjoy vacation in an overseas resort. All you need to do is ensure the CCTV surveillance system you purchase supports remote access. Both the local CCTV surveillance systems and the

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  • Advantages of Cloud Storage


      In a digital age, physical storage of surveillance footage is fast becoming a concept of the past. Nowadays, more and more people are looking to move forward with the technology advancement in a bid to stay competitive in a fast evolving world. We continuously hear about buildings catching fire and floods damaging equipment beyond recovery, but with cloud storage, you need not worry about any of these issues. Below, we’ll discuss some of the benefits of opting cloud storage for your CCTV surveillance. 1. Security Cloud storage is usually more secure than local or in-house storage, especially if you are a

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  • Paedophile Admits Targeting 600 Young Girls India


      New Delhi – CCTV surveillance helped police to identify and capture this 38 year old tailor from Uttarkhand, who admits to having sexually assaulted more than 600 young girls over 14 years. Investigating officer Sandeep Kumar also revealed that CCTV surveillance was helpful in identifying the accused, where he is seen wearing the same set of clothes, a striped red jacket he considered lucky, while molesting minors. Credits:

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  • Motion & Privacy Masking


      Customize your surveillance system with this feature that allows you the freedom to include or exclude certain areas of your camera's surveillance field. All you need to do is ensure that the camera you’re buying supports Motion and Privacy Masking. Motion masking enables you to select individual areas that lie within the camera's field of surveillance and act as a trigger for motion activated recording, for example; setting a Motion Mask around an automated parking ticket gate to automatically save the video and capture the image of the license plate of when any vehicle drives in. On the other hand, a Moti

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