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  • Student jumps from 3rd floor after being caught cheating in exam


      Hyderabad – When a 15 year old student was caught cheating and asked to leave the examination hall, he jumped of the third floor of the school building. Since the school was covered by CCTV cameras, police are analysing the footage to determine whether there was any foul play involved. Read more:

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  • Theft at factory for 4th time in 20 days. Thieves caught on CCTV camera.


      Chandigarh –CCTV cameras were proved useful in providing evidence to aid investigation of theft at a factory in Industrial Area, Phase II. The thieves came in at the wee hours of the night and managed to decamp with brass material. This is the fourth theft in less than 20 days in the same factory. Read more:  

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  • Install CCTV cameras in UP government offices.


      Lucknow –The new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath wants biometrics and CCTV cameras installed in government offices to ensure the employees adhere to the timings and increase efficiency. Read more:

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  • Police seek CCTV footage from Apollo


    Kolkata – Police has sought CCTV surveillance footage from the hospital in a bid to identify and investigate any discrepanies. This move came after a health department committee probed the allegations laid on the hospital by Ruby, widow of Sanjay Roy.  Credits:   

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  • CCTV Control room inaugurated at Jangaon


      Telangana – The Additional DGP M Gopikrishna has launched a control room for a network of 54 CCTVs at Jangaon town. The local traders came forward to install cameras following a call from Commissioner of Police G Sudheer Babu to prevent acts of crime by ensuring effective surveillance in the streets of the town, which falls under the limits of Warangal police Commissionerate. Credits:

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  • 2 Arrested for setting SUV on fire


      New Delhi – In Delhi's Subhash Nagar, road rage took a turn for violence and destruction of property when following an altercation, two men poured oil and set an SUV on fire. The entire incident was caught on CCTV camera. Police has arrested the alleged following a PCR call. Credits:

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  • Accused caught on CCTV camera


      Chandigarh – Police procured CCTV footage from cameras installed outside hotels and shops in Burali to investigate and aid in the capture of three accused men who shot financier, Karan. Credits:

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  • Public support for surveillance cameras


        Hyderabad – In a public initiative, residents of Karimnagar came forward to instal 120 CCTV cameras in their Division. Many contributed amounts anywhere between Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 1.5 lakhs. This move was inspired by the successful capture of a 60 year old burglar who stole 14 laptops from buses. Credits:

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  • CCTV footage provides evidence to capture killers of stray dog


      Mumbai – Social Activists collected evidence by way of CCTV footage to help identify and capture the heartless killers of a stray dog. The outraged animal lovers shared these clips from the footage to create social awareness. Credits:

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  • CCTV Footage Helps Catch Burglar


      Pune – Samath police used CCTV footage to arrest a man involved in at least 10 recent burglaries in various parts of the city. Credits:

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